Bee By The Sea Bee Luxe Body Oil

Designer: Bee By The Sea

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250 ml / 8 oz

Nourish, condition and rejuvenate with this nutrient-rich body oil. Great for baths, massages or as an everyday moisturizer.


Add this silky, highly emollient body oil to your arsenal to give your skin an intense boost of hydration and essential nutrients. Pleasantly lightweight and fast-absorbing, it’s formulated with a nourishing blend of sunflower seed oil, jojoba, avocado and sea buckthorn that’s loaded with essential fatty acids and other skin-loving nutrients.

Our luxurious, versatile body oil can be used to seal in moisture after a shower, added to your bath to soften skin or applied to the body for a relaxing massage. Gentle enough to be used as an everyday moisturizer to keep skin hydrated and soft.

Sea Buckthorn: Helps promote collagen production and improve skin elasticity.

Honey: Moisturizes, exfoliates and smooths skin.

Sunflower Seed Oil: Brightens and protects skin from free radical damage.

Jojoba Oil: Deeply moisturizes and helps regulate sebum production.

Avocado Oil: Promotes skin cell regeneration and healing, prevents premature aging and protects the skin from UV damage.